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Methods to increase SEO performance

This one is tough because there are no real tips and tricks to increasing your SEO performance. The best search engines are the ones that are constantly tweaking and changing the way they list sites because they know that there are millions of webmasters out there looking to game the system and cheat them by putting up a crappy website in the hopes of garnering a few clickthroughs.

You know how when you search Google and you almost always get a great result back no matter what you searched for? That’s the key to great SEO. You need to create a great website for whatever topic you’re aiming at. If it’s a store then make sure it looks good, make sure your prices are competitive, and make sure the server is fast. If it’s something simple like a blog then make sure the writing is good, the design is nice, and the content is clear. Make a good site and you get good SEO.